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All You Should Know About Shuffleboard Crazy 8 Rules

Shuffleboard Crazy 8 Rules
Shuffleboard is a classic bar game that has been enjoyed for generations. Though the game is easy to learn, it deploys a lot of techniques. Some standard rules apply to shuffleboard, while a few quirky tweaks make it all the more exciting and challenging. Shuffleboard has many variations, each with a different set of rules and varied ways of playing. It is a low-impact game and an extremely fun way to socialize.
If you’re looking for a fun twist to this classic game, look no more! Crazy 8 is a uniquely exciting variation of the classic game. Crazy eight is a singles game that can be played with two or more players. The aim is simple but tricky, to play crazy 8, you need to slide your pucks as close to the edge of the board as possible without going over. It’s played in frames, hence giving all players an equal chance. Players use all eight pucks, red and blue both.
The equipment used is a standard shuffleboard table and eight pucks or weights. Two players or two teams of two players each can play this game. Points are scored by sliding the pucks toward the opposite end of the table in the scoring area.
To begin with, a coin toss is performed. The player or team winning the toss gets to shoot their shot first. The first player or team slides all four pucks to the opposite end of the table, the objective being to land them in the scoring area. The scoring area is divided into three parts. The highest-scoring area is located at the top, the second area in the middle, and the lowest-scoring area at the bottom. The opposite player or team then slides their pucks. The objective is to land their pucks in the scoring area while trying to knock the first player’s or team’s pucks out of the scoring zones. Players take turns sliding all four of their pucks until all eight pucks have been played. The game is typically played until one of the two players or teams scores a previously decided number of points or both teams or players have played a predetermined number of rounds. It may be 3, 15, or 30 points. For deciding the winner, frames are continued until required. The player with the highest score, which may be equal to the decided number of points or greater, is declared the winner. If a player scores some points equal to or more than the agreed minimum points needed with the hammer, that player is declared the winner. Another round must be played to determine the winner if the last player ties in with a prior player.

Before A Player Can Score

Things About Shuffleboard Crazy Eight Rules Should Be Taken Into Consideration :

The first four weights of the same color should be thrown simultaneously with one hand. All four weights must stay on the shuffleboard table and be past the long foul line.  The long foul line is the foul line furthest from the player. If this condition is not fulfilled, no points are given to the player for that specific round, and the next player is up to play.

If all four weights do not stay on the table past the long foul line, the player is supposed to shoot all four weights of the opposite color in four shots. This is done to knock those former four weights off past the long foul line before any points can be scored for that frame.

After knocking these off, points are scored for the remaining weights on the table.

Leveling it up!

To make the game more fun, players may keep a ‘Hickey count’. Each time a player does not score, it constitutes a hickey. Each player who doesn’t score puts an agreed amount of money into the hickey jar. The final winner of the game gets to keep whatever contents are collected in the hickey jar. This, however, is optional, and may or may not be a part of the game rules. It’s up to the players if they want to keep a hickey count or not.

How To Score Points? 

Scoring points is quite similar to knocking off, the exception being that the first four weights must remain on the shuffleboard table that too past the long foul line. These initial four weights must be knocked off with the remaining four weights of the opposite color in four shots. 

Following Is The List of Points Scored Upon Landing in Different Zones On The Shuffleboard

1 Point: One point is scored by a puck if it is located between the long foul line and line ‘2’.
2 Points: Two points are scored when pucks land ultimately across line ‘2’.
3 Points: Three points are scored when the pucks land fully across line ‘3’.
4 Points: Four points are scored if the pucks are hanging over the end of the board. This may also be termed as a ‘hanger’.

To check if a puck is over a line completely, it is viewed from above. The nose is positioned approximately over the center of the weight and then looked upon. It is advised not to lean over too far. You may get an inaccurate view if you don’t follow the guidelines. If a puck is to be counted as the next higher point value, it must be entirely over the line. There should be some wood visible between the line and the puck for it to be considered as the higher point value.

If a puck is partially hanging over the end of the board (not the side) it is termed a hanger and four points are scored. To confirm a hanger, a weight’s top is slid beside the end of the board. It is considered to be a hanger given that it comes in contact with the weight in question.

The player can dust the board before shooting his shot if dry spots are noticeable. He should make sure to keep one foot behind the playing surface when taking his shot. Hitting or shaking the table at any time is considered an offense.

While playing Shuffleboard Crazy 8

A Few Strategies Can Be Employed To Improve Performance

The first one is to aim for the highest-scoring area. It’s the most difficult area to hit, but with practice and concentration, you can master this. However, if a puck lands on the line between two scoring areas, it is scored as being in the lower scoring area. 

Another strategy is to block the opponent’s pucks. You can do this by sliding your pucks in front of your opponent’s pucks. This makes it difficult for them to slide their pucks into the scoring area. Anyway, be careful enough to not knock your own pucks out of the scoring area while trying to block your opponent.


Shuffleboard Crazy 8 is a fun and challenging version of the classic shuffleboard. With unique rules and efficient strategies, players enjoy a new level of excitement and heat. It’s the ultimate game to add to a game night or social gathering with friends and family. So next time you’re in search of an entertaining icebreaker, do try Shuffleboard Crazy 8 rules!

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