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  • Large – 20″ Wide Playing Surface
  • Medium – 15″ Wide Playing Surface


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TableBowl® – Shuffleboard Bowling

TableBowl for Shuffleboard Tables is a Premium Shuffleboard Bowling Set designed to be proportional to a real bowling alley setup unlike standard shuffleboard bowling sets which are way to small for the width of the table.

Standard bowling lanes are 42” wide and normal bowling pins 4.75” wide by 15” Tall.  Take that bowling lane, pins ball or shuffleboard pucks shrink it  down to where the lane is 20” wide and you’d have TableBowl, an approximate proportional bowling alley setup. Our medium or Large set will proportionately match your 15″ or 20″ wide play surface.

Large Set

  • Designed for Tables 16″ Wide or Larger
  • 10 – 6.75″ x 2.1447 Hard Maple Bowling Pins – USBC Proportionate Regulation Size
  • 3-3/4″ Custom Proprietary Bowling Ball Resin
  • Pinsetter
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Rules Manual, Pin Placement Sticker, Dry Erase Pen

Medium Set

  • Designed for Tables 15″ or Smaller
  • 10 – 5.5″ x 1.748 Hard Maple Bowling Pins – USBC Proportionate Regulation Size
  • 3″ Custom Proprietary Bowling Ball Resin
  • Pinsetter
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Rules Manual, Pin Placement Sticker, Dry Erase Pen


Transform Your Shuffleboard

From the classic sound of the pins crashing into each other, to bowling a strike when hitting that 1-2 sweet spot, you won’t believe how real it feels. Everyone in the entire family will have a blast. Put up a stool and even the little ones will have fun. With a few scoring rule tweaks to speed up the game, we’ve created a fun, easy game anyone can play. In conclusion, if you want to bring some life back to your Shuffleboard Table and get the whole family as friends invigorated for a night of fun try TableBowl.

What’s Included

  • 10 Pins
  • Hard Resin Bowling Ball
  • Pinsetter
  • Scoresheet w/Dry Erase Pen
  • Pin Placement Stickers
  • Sand Paper for Scuffing Ball
  • Rules Manual

Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 5 in

Brown, White



7 reviews for Shuffleboard Bowling Sets

  1. admin

    It was a fun twist on shuffle board. It’s a great party game!!

  2. admin

    We just received our table bowling set yesterday and love it!

  3. c klose

    Just received my order; came fast and in perfect condition and was packed very well. As far as the product, I could not possibly be more pleased. Terrific quality; feels like an old time game before electronics. I almost purchased a different set that uses smaller pins and shuffleboard pucks. This game with the larger pins and actual ball is the way to go. The ball has the perfect mass to it and rotates like the real thing for a nice little hook. GREAT PRODUCT.

  4. A. M.

    This sounds feels and plays like real bowling. The family and friends absolutely love it. It can get real competitive which is great. If you have a shuffleboard table you just have to get one. You’ll instantaneously have a bowling lane at your home!

  5. T.M.

    To say this is fun is an understatement. I had a feeling when I purchased this bowling pin set it would be well worth the money. It is worth more than that. We are all having a blast. I just bought an entire new amazing way to use my Shuffleboard table which is the same amount of fun. When playing alone I just bowl and keep score. Meaning, if I do not have anyone to play normal shuffleboard with I just bowl many full games. Love playing both games equally the same which I find surprising.

    I tried the small cheap pins and these are not even in the same league. Top quality.
    From Tablebowl bought the medium ones but now I am also going to buy large set because it is so much fun. I bowl with and without the silicone stuff and sometimes I take it off. Also very fun with pucks. Ball is more realistic and feels solid. I just love throwing that ball down there. I was nervous at first but all good.
    They also have a new back board but not sure it is for sale yet. If you are paying money for a Shuffleboard table… you need this. You can now an entire new amazing game for what $200?
    Again, quality, fun and these are very nice. They also arrived in a timely manner.

    Highly recommended.

  6. Mark Childers

    My wife has always loved to bowl. She has been disabled for quite a few years and can no longer enjoy the sport. I bought this set for her to use on our home table and she was delighted. The quality is outstanding, and as promised, the set even SOUNDS like a real set of pins going down. Thank you for a fun, great product. The super quality is so much better than any other set I have ever seen, and the pinsetter is truly heavy duty! This looks like a piece of art as much as a game for my table. Very impressive. Thanks for a great product and great service. All the best to you.

  7. admin


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